Always ecstatic about the convenience of refilling my favorite scents. Service is always fast and accommodating. I love the new scent I never tried before savage it's amazing I will be ordering it really soon. Try it you will love ❤️ it!. Very satisfied as usual!

V. Finley

Refill Royalty: Satisfying Customers, One Refill at a Time

D. Childs Romulus MichiganThank you for the samples I'm going to set them together with the cards and give out over the weekend. Thank you I'll do a little speech about them as well. Letting them know this is one of my favorite butters and scents and the only thing I use that keeps me soft and moisturized and smelling amazing all day and did I mention the shine and glow of the skin amazing.

My shoulders and back shines the whole time during the wedding I was in.

D. Childs

Romulus Michigan

My husband and I agree that it is more of a masculine scent. It smells great and the Shea butter feels great. My husband put some on yesterday morning and I could still smell hints of it when I got off work. You don’t need much either. As always very pleased.


Scent of the Month - Cottage Breeze

The soaps are amazing! One bar lasts me almost a month. I use it with the Shea butter and my skin is moisturized for most of the day in the winter/fall and all day in the summer/spring. Well worth the price!

J. Davis

Goat Milk Soap Customer

My Aunt introduced justjameen products to me. She speak so highly about it and I had to try it out for myself. I’m in love with the service and the delivery. Let me start with placing order. I’m not sure if anyone is like this, but I get anxiety when I place an online order for the first time. Even though I wasn’t sure what to expect I placed my order. How about I received a call from the owner to clarify my order. I was so shocked but loved our conversation and she was very detailed. We had to speak for almost an hour haha. She is fast, efficient, with the kindness of an angel as well. I love how detailed she is and how she wanted to make sure that I got exactly what I wanted. I was already confident about placing my order but this interaction made it so much better! I received my order promptly via ups even though she advised me with the holidays it could be a delay. The packaging was exactly how she said it would be. She provided directions for her products and samples! Everything smells amazing. The shea butter is my favorite. I love her work and I'm a customer for life now because of it. Thank you for going above and beyond!

D. Smith

Candle Special

The new scent is fabulous! Although it’s technically a male scent, I would use it, as well. I also let my Boo try the sample and he loved it, as well. While we’re both still thinking on name suggestions for the new scent, we think you should definitely add this to the collection. Thanks

V. Miller


Love all of the scent, light and refreshing for the summer and all year long. Really great Service with a compassionate CEO , who made a special trip while I was under the weather at the last minute. That's "JUST JAMEEN"S WAY" Thanks!

V. Finley

Creamy Shea

Everything was great, I appreciate the courtesy of my order being delivered in short notice. The arrangement was very accommodating and my selection was very nice, I love every scent I chose, tea rose, Egyptian musk, my husband's favorite. Thanks again for being so awesome and professional and having friendly and courteous staff. I only purchase just Jameen products. Happy customer


Valentines Day Special