A Message from the Creator and Founder of Just Jameen Products

Deborah "Jameen" Love

Creator and Founder Deborah Jameen Love

As we continue to navigate these continuing challenging times and Just Jameen is developing new ways to get our product line recognized beyond the loyal customers who have kept us going. We have not created anything new for the line in a while so stay tuned as we work on a few new products in 2022.

We hope and pray you and your families are staying safe. I want to personally thank my loyal customers for helping us to continue through this time. Just Jameen like many small businesses have suffered some financial losses because our shows and ability sell have been hindered.

We will host a couple of fundraisers online to help families with deaf children and supply financial assistance to deaf students in college. This has always and continues to be our goal. In the month of September and October a percentage of sales will be donated to the GMD/AADHH Continuing Education Scholarship for Deaf/hard of Hearing Students and the Lions Hearing Center Love-Peel scholarship for Deaf/hard of hearing.

It is a blessing to have made it 65 years even though I am not sure where the time went. (LOL). I know I am blessed with family and friends and customers who have continued the support. I must shout out to my team that has helped me as I transition to this next chapter and have helped me tremendously in keeping Just Jameen going when I am away. Thank you Terisita Anderson and Kiara Anderson Morgan and baby Kaitlynn. I want to shout out to my 65th year photographer Zachery Cephas thanks for being creative with my vision.

We will host a hybrid Black Friday. The link for signing up on Eventbrite will be available by or before October 30th. It promises to be different and fun. You can come in or buy online in real time. We will have early bird discounts and discounts through the whole days. We are considering making this a 2-day event (Saturday - all day & Sunday 1:00 to 4 p.m.) While we realize number are coming down, we still have a way to go, and many are still not comfortable around large or small groups. I pray your holidays are not as isolating as they have been the past two years. I continue to pray for those customers and who have had loss in their families this past two years whether by COVID or because of other illness which made it hard to memorialize them in this challenging time.