The Benefits of Just Jameen’s Frappe

The name frappé comes from French, where it describes drinks chilled with ice. Beginning in the 19th century, a variety of cold coffee drinks named café frappé (à la glace) are documented, some similar to slushes, others more like iced coffee.

The definition for Frappe is normally connected to a drink with whipped Cream on top. For the companies that do sell a Frappe lotion it is considered a very luxurious blend. Just Jameen’s Frappe lotion is a luxurious whipped lotion, all natural, that at a glance looks like whipped cream. When you use the scents Just Jameen carries in our line you might think ‘WOW’ it smells good enough to eat!

This luxurious lotion is soft with a very smooth feel and we use grapeseed oil (see our April Blog for the benefits of grape seed oil) as all our products are made along with raw shea butter, (not refined shea) and no petroleum. We use our signature massage oil and sunflower oil, and it is whipped into what look like cake icing or whipped cream batter. You need to use very little for large areas.

The reason I am focusing on Frappe is because of a discovery I made in the last month and maybe some of my customers would like to help me out with this. As women of color sometimes do, we use the flat iron a little too much. Over the pandemic because I was working from home on my 9 to 5, I pulled my hair back in a small ponytail and did not have to do that “get ready” thing for work every day. My hair grew because I was not washing heating and pressing and on and on…. I have 3 grades of hair on my head and so finding a product that will address all and give me uniformity when wearing my hair natural has been a challenge. I have been out of the perm phase for about 18 years. Pressing and curling has been my main hair style and lately because my hair does not hold curls longer than a couple hours I resorted to flat ironing and a straight or wrapped style.

While working in Georgia for months at a time, I noticed my hair seemed to be all over the bathroom and in my comb more and I was concerned. It was getting shorted on one side and so now I have an unintended asymmetrical style which is fine for now.

In an effort to go back natural with occasionally styling in a wrap and not flat iron, I ordered a second product (I had tried one brands that did not give me the natural look I needed for my hair types) the product took so long to come ( I realize the challenges in supply chain these days, but my hair could not wait) I was desperate!!!!!!!!!

I remember about 5 years ago two different Just Jameen customers stated they used the Frappe in their hair. I did not think much of it at the time because I am also told there are customers that use my luxury mist in the hair as well (It has no alcohol- I digress) So I said let me try this Frappe idea in my hair and here is what I did:

1. I washed and conditioned my hair with my shampoo and condition that I usually use
2. Slightly dried my hair so it was damp
3. I took my Frappe and put it in my hair with my fingers making sure it got into all my hair parts.
4. While wet I took sections and did a two-strand twist
5. After twisting I took twist (rubber) rollers (I did not use sponge or cloth, while softer they pull moisture out of the hair)
6. I put a bonnet on and went to bed
7. In the morning I took the roller off (my hair is not supper thick, and it is soft so overnight it was dry)
8. I took my fingers and took the twists apart and used a pick or my fingers to style
9. It was amazing

The test Results are:
       - The Frappe did not leave my hair oily nor was it hard like gels have done which have alcohol in them
       - The curls lasted almost 4 days (of course I had a bonnet (silk) on my head at night
       - Once the curls went past the beach wave look, I simply put Frappe in my hair using it as a setting lotion and repeated #4 to #8 just not on wet hair. You do not need as much as when you first applied it and some hair types may not need any additional Frappe.
       - Since I am now use to the process and know my best practices, I am in the process of making a video and posting photos on the website. Look for them in late May and June.
       - Remember I stated I have 3 distinct grades of hair on my head and the Frappe neutralized that issue. My main concern was my back which really get frizzy and dry. Abracadabra!!! I have a remedy that works for me, so it does not look like I am wearing two wigs!!!! Lol

Photos of the curl I got in my hair using Frappe, and this is 3 days old!
Photos of the curl I got in my hair using Frappe, and this is 3 days old!

My suggestions:
       - I would only use essential scents if you want to use scented. I use Lavender Frappe
       - Do not put enormous amounts of Frappe in your hair. Just use a generous amount when you put it in initially.
       - Make sure you do not use sponge or cloth roller fabric to prevent moisture being pulled from your hair.

Does anyone want to join the Just Jameen test and post your results? Here is my offer Limited time and limited number of people.
       - The first 10 people who request to try this will get a free two-ounce Frappe in Lavender or unscented only. Shipping is free. Send us a review and picture of your results and you will get a code for $10.00 off your next order $15.00 or more
       - The next 20 people after that can purchase a 2 ounce and only pay a surcharge of $6.00 Shipping is free Send us a review and picture of your results and you will get a code for $15.00 off your next order $20.00 or more
       - After that if you purchase a 2-ounce Frappe, use it, and send us a review you will get a code to get a free 2-ounce Frappe or $10.00 off your next order
       - This offer is only good through June 15, 2022
       - All photos and reviews should be sent to
       - Look for the link for this project starting May 18, 2022, at our website at

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